Carpe Diem Project- Painting!

Learning how to paint...

fast forwarded painting! I did it recently and it was pretty easy and fun! I liked it because i only had to use 3 colors- red, white, and black in- oil based. I’m sad I did it on a small canvas, but it was the only size i had at the time.

Craiglist Treasure 😍 

After several weeks of dreading to paint on my bed because i had no easel i finally found TWO great used easels!! I was lucky enough to find these on Craiglists and the owners lived 5 minutes away! These easels retail for $100 dollars each but i used my birthday money to buy both of them for $40 YAY, more paintings!


- Still working on this one and it’s the most frustrating thing ever!

This the first painting I’ve done that’s based on an illustration.

The details weren’t really much of a problem. IT’S THE FACE THAT’S A PROBLEM! I can’t get his face right. Maybe it’s my lack of patience or the fact that I don’t have a brush thin enough. I’ll continue it later… 


I wanted to do some sort of figurative painting and i really liked this one so I decided to paint it using acrylic paint. My first mistake was right in the beginning when I forgot to sketch the figure first. 

I sort of began to just paint the background and was all over the place. I noticed I’m really messy at painting because I just like doing it too see the final product- (still haven’t learned patience i guess.) I need an easel ASAP but they’re kinda pricey- so I’ll wait. 

- After painting the background fully red, I started to paint the figure’s legs and hair and went from there.

- If i made a mistake, that’s when acrylic comes handy and I could just let it dry and paint over it.

I liked this painting because I’ve been wanting to do a figurative one and it was fun to do. I noticed a lot of paintings DEPEND ON YOUR PERSPECTIVE. - the shading (what you paint light and what you should paint dark)

This really makes me want to do a realistic face portrait!

Needed some more art supplies so I went to Wal-Mart. I got new canvases and paint and a pallette knife! I wanted to try Acrylic and Gouache to expand my horizons( aka oil paint is really expensive and walmart was sold out of it). Although the pallette knife is used to mix paint, it can also be used as a painting technique and I plan to practice using it first before putting it on a canvas! 


It was recently my brother’s birthday and he had hinted that he wanted a Bob Marley painting. I know drawing, nonetheless, PAINTING portraits are something I’m NOT skilled at but I gave it a try to paint something in a week’s time. I think what was most difficult for me was definitely the face and getting the right color/shading. His cheekbones and jaw were a challenge to do. 

- I sketched Bob’s face from another painted image I saw online- no name of who painted it.

- after sketching, i had doubts if I should continue because it looked nothing like him. I wasn’t too confident when beginning the process.

- I watched some youtube tutorials and learned that I should start at the face, particularly, the eyes first- and so I did.

- It was KIND OF starting to come together, and i was excited to do his hair because it would be more obvious it was bob marley 

- during the week, i kept making adjustments to his face to get the right look (shading/cheekbones/perspective)

- my last part of the painting was doing the details of his jacket- I used many shades of green to get the right angle.

This was a fun portrait to paint for my first time. I don’t get excited at the idea of doing portraits because it takes me a long time aka patience.. but the outcome was all worth it and my brother loved it :)!

This is the technique I used for almost the whole painting


I decided to challenge myself and do a abstract detailed oil painting. It was influenced by a painting called “Secret Garden” by B. Sasik. I like the final result of it because of all the colors. I used a dotting technique (posting a video later) and it was fun! I used a small dotting brush and a flat brush. It was fun to use all my colors and everyone liked the outcome! It’s my favorite painting so far and it looks like I’m progressing.

Recent painting I did from using a picture. I used a lot of bright colors and purples and blues. I’ve noticed landscapes are sort of what I paint to be safe but this one has a lot of detail in the plants and the road. I want to focus more on being more detailed.

My completed second oil painting. It took an estimated 2 hours to do as I followed the outline from the youtube video i just posted. I followed the perspective by going from light to dark up close.

The first picture is the outline i drew in pencil to get an idea, then as i started painting, i blended it to fade. I also focused on one color which was purple.. I mixed red and blue to get the color since I didn’t have purple and mixed it white to get it light.